A few of our little ones have been working on their fine motor skills in preparation for starting nursery and school. As a result we have reviewed this area of our provision in order to meet their next steps. Developing hand strength and coordination is an important aspect of school readiness as these skills ensure children can control pens and other mark making tools that lead onto letter formation and writing.

 Pre-school children need to do lots of activities with their hands – 

  • Squeeze – playdough and other malleable materials, using clothes pegs and tongs to pinch

  • Scoop – with spoons and measures

  • Pour – water into cups and pour their own drinks

  • Glue and use sticky tape – junk modelling and gluing pictures

  • Thread – pasta, bobbins, buttons and lacing cards

  • Cut – straws, card, paper and food to eat

  • Pick things up and put them down again like buttons, story stones and shells

  • Games like sorting and matching numbers and letters

  • Use tweezers and tongs to move things around

  • Paint – using leaves, hands, fingers, cotton buds and brushes

  • Scrunch – paper and material

  • Build – towers and houses with Lego and blocks

  • Spread – butter on bread

  • Handle jigsaws – small and large pieces

  • Sing – hand songs and rhymes

  • Cook and decorate food

  • Sew with ribbon or wool and a big needle

  • Push – shapes into holes or playdough into moulds

  • Craft with pipe cleaners

  • Sort – shapes and toys into baskets and bags or pompoms into egg boxes

  • Draw – dot-to-dot, tracing, rubbing

  • Turn pages in books or  lift the flaps

  • Weave – paper and material

  • Spray – with a squeezy bottle

  • Hole punch

  • Stamp – with a toothpaste cap, cork or stampers

  • Move contents of sensory trays around – silly soap, rice, oats

  • Glue and stick – stickers with paper backs are great!

  • Get dressed – zip, open and close Velcro, fasten buttons

  • Chalk and use felt tip pens

  • Write with fingers in sand and salt

  • Hammer – using a tool kit

I hope you find these examples of our activities informative and find time to support your own child in developing their fine motor skills at home.

Chat soon, Sarah