Information for Parents

I work to Early Years Foundation Stage guidelines, and as such plan for the individual needs of your child.  More information about EYFS can be found here.

Visits & Settling In

It is my policy to offer 2 free settling in visits for your child.  These are usually for about an hour or so and are there to help your child feel happy and comfortable in their new surroundings and with the other children I care for.  During these visits you are free to stay, but you are more than welcome to leave your child with me if you are happy to. 

When you are happy, we can sign a contract and arrange a start date for your child.  The first 4 weeks of your child's care are classed as a 'settling in period' and during this time, if for whatever reason, you feel that your child is not happy in my care the contract will be cancelled with immediate effect.



I believe that it is vital to develop a positive relationship with parents as this helps children to feel confident and happy in my care.  Communication is a very important aspect  and ensures that your child has continuity of care.  In order to do this I use WhatsApp to send captioned photos during each session so you can see exactly what your child has been doing throughout the day.  Anything of interest that has happened during your child's day will be recorded, and I will also make you aware of what they have eaten, things they have enjoyed or disliked doing or any naps they may have taken.  It is also a way for you (or any other carers) to provide information about routines, activities or events away from the setting - it's always nice to get your feedback or comments about how you feel your child is doing in my care or 'WOW' moments happening at home.

Of course I prefer to talk face to face at the end of the day, but with such busy lives I understand that this is not always possible so I'm happy to let you know about your child's day in any way that you prefer.

Daily Routine 

Our routine is not as strict as a nursery and is planned around the needs and interests of your child.  Although I plan activities that are designed to extend your child's development and knowledge, I will also encourage your child to make personal choices about what they would like to do.

Our day is always fun and educational and an example of a typical day can be found here.

Meals and Snacks

I do not provide meals but offer healthy snacks mid morning and r a more substantial snack after school which has proven to be enough to pacify even the most ravenous after schooler!

Parents can either provide a packed lunch or money on days where we visit cafes (we regularly have lunch at soft play and Miss Tina's cafe).

I am more than happy to accommodate special dietary requirements, however I ask parents to provide formula and 'first' weaning foods for babies.