Fees and Charges


My current fees are:

  • £4.50 per hour (minimum of 5 hours per day) or £40.00 per day (7:30-18.00)
  • Before school care - £6.50 per session (7.30-9.00)
  • After school care - £11.00 per session (15.00-17.30)
  • Child holidays/days off/late drop-off/early collection - Full fee
  • Parent/child illness - Full fee
  • Childminder holidays and illness - No fee
In most cases, fees are calculated pro rata (taking my closures into account) so the same amount is payable 52 weeks per year.



Due to current school pick-ups/drop-offs, the feasibility of other schools in the Glebe and surrounding area will be dependent on times.  Please contact me to discuss your specific needs.

Contracts are drawn up prior to your child's start date and are signed by all responsible parties.  Contracted hours are payable in advance, either weekly or monthly depending on individual circumstances.  4 weeks notice is required should you need to cancel or alter the contract.

Contracts are reviewed annually, or when circumstances change (ie if your child starts school or nursery).

Other Charges

Meals are not included in your basic fee so there are two options available - children can bring a packed lunch (unfortunately due to outings etc we are unable to heat meals) or parents can pay £3 per day to cover the cost of meals.   Healthy snacks are provided along with either fresh milk, water or squash. Water is freely available throughout the day. However time restriction are in place to ensure school runs and other outings or activities are not disrupted:

  • Lunch - served between 11.50 and 12.15 (although this may vary depending on nursery drop-off or pick-up)
  • After school snack - served between 16.00 and 16.30

Children are taken at least once a week to a café where they are encouraged to choose their own healthy meal from the menu.

Although the basic fee includes the cost of regular trips to soft play, the Wetlands Centre and toddler groups, I organise special outings during school holidays and the cost for these is NOT included.  All trips are discussed in advance and you will be given plenty of notice should it mean an additional charge is made. 

I DO NOT provide nappies, formula milk or nappy cream!